"I was in Prison and you came to me."  (Matthew 25:36)  "Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them and those who are mistreated since you are also in the body." (Hebrews 13:3)                          Serving the men of Pasquotank Correctional Institution

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About Kairos

Since 1999 Kairos of North Eastern North Carolina has been operating inside Pasquotank Correctional Institution (PCI). It started with a  group of men, who had been doing Kairos at Central Prison, contacted Chaplain Wigglesworth at Pasquotank shortly after it opened about doing Kairos. Wigglesworth did not have much confidence in us as volunteers and required us to participate in Yoke Fellows. This we did for a few months before starting Prayer and Share with a group of Kairos Graduates from Central Prison.  The first weekend was held in the spring of 2000 with Jimmy Stallings as the Leader.

 Pasquotank Correctional is a Closed Custody (maximum security) prison with 900+ residents serving terms for violent crimes.  This is an all-male facility and is part of the State of North Carolina Penal system.

Kairos provides two programs in this ministry:

4 Day Weekend Retreats:  Twice a year a team of 40 – 50 male volunteers goes inside the walls for a 4 day weekend to minister to 42 residents (inmates).  The program involves times of study through talks, discussions, prayers and fellowship.  Meals are shared and celebrations and praise occur with live music provided by the volunteers.

 o Volunteers are in the prison from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

o Volunteers eat meals provided by the prison with the residents

o Three volunteers sit at tables with six residents

o Clergy are present at every table

o A leadership team guides the program.  There are times for:

 Music

 Talks

 Discussions and expressions of faith through art work

 Chapel Times

 Meals

o All volunteers go through training to prepare for the weekend

o All volunteers going inside must apply and receive a Blue Card

o Women serve on the Outside Support Team

Monday Night Prayer & Share:  Every Monday evening volunteers meet at  PCI for an hour of talk, fellowship, and prayers with the residents.  Volunteers circle up with 10 – 12 residents and spend the hour sharing concerns, thoughts, prayer requests.  This is a time for the residents to talk freely from their hearts in a safe environment where they will not be judged or lectured.  This is a time for the volunteers to follow the Karios motto – LISTEN, LISTEN, LOVE, LOVE.

Prayer & Share is the Heart of Kairos.  The Weekend event prepares men’s hearts to hear the message of Christ’s love.  Prayer and Share nurtures that life change and builds a Christian community inside the walls.   This is the true purpose of the Kairos Prison Ministry – to build a community of believers inside who can support and lean on each other.

What Can Women Do?

Kairos only permits gender to gender inside participation.  At PCI women act as the Outside Support Team.  In this role they are responsible to:

 Prepare, Collect and organize all expressions of Agape going inside.  This includes:

o Children’s art work

o Letters and cards

o Placemats

o Prayer Chains

o Posters

o Prepare food for Teaming Meetings

 Conduct fund raising activities

 Serve on teams going out to churches and civic organizations to recruit volunteers

Women’s Inside Opportunity:  An Inside program is being developed for Eastern Women’s Correctional Institution in Maury, NC.  When this is in operation, women in Northeast North Carolina will have the opportunity to be part of the program inside.

There have been many miracles experienced over the years. From it’s beginning in NC at NCCIW and then at Central Prison, the ministry has grown to 10 men’s prisons, 2 women’s prisons, 2 youth detention centers and 2 Kairos Outside units for women who have incarcerated men.