"I was in Prison and you came to me."  (Matthew 25:36)  "Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them and those who are mistreated since you are also in the body." (Hebrews 13:3)                          Serving the men of Pasquotank Correctional Institution

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Read the following testimonials from offenders who have participated in a Kairos weekend. As Kairos team members we are blessed to be "front row center" to miracles as they occur.

“When I arrived at PCI in September of 2009, I was alone, uncertain, and in need of something positive. I had heard all the horror stories that would rival a Stephen King novel of what life behind bars was going to be like. So here I am, in the middle of nowhere, with no family or loved ones in the state (all my family resides in WV) and with very little hope. I was truly alone.

But then, some guys on the camp told me about Kairos and the group of men who come here every week to spend time with us, people society are taught to hate. “Why,” I wondered. “If they knew what I did, they would run for the hills!”

But the guys kept telling me to check it out. So, I began going to Monday Night Prayer and Share. Guys I never met before were welcoming me – truly happy to see me. However, it wasn’t just me. Every resident that came into the room was greeted with a friendly word, a handshake or a hug. I felt joy for the first time in a long time. That night, when I got back to my room, I cried. I wrote my family and told them about what I found at PCI.

That November, I attended the four day retreat and had one of the best experiences of my life. Previously, on May 14, 2008, I gave my life to Christ and had been attending study groups. But, with the help of Kairos, and the love for fellow mankind, regardless of their race or crime, I found real peace and joy in an additional tool in God’s toolbox. My family is glad for the positive changes in my life, my attitude, and my walk with Christ. Because of distance and health issues, my family is unable to visit. Yet, every Monday night, I get a visit from my Kairos family.

What does Kairos mean to me? In a word, community. They have showed us kindness, instilled hope through the principles of God’s Word. They have been mentors and role models. I now see what "real" men are. Kairos of the Albemarle is a true blessing to us at PCI and I encourage others in the area to get involved in your local Kairos group, and share the love of Christ with other men and women incarcerated across America , and help to be agents of change for God’s Kingdom.” PCI Resident – E.A.

“I have been in prison for 10 years, and in that decade of incarceration few things have informed my heart as much as the loving kindness we receive during the 4 day Kairos retreat. This kindness for me was a light shining in the darkness of despair.” PCI Resident

“Kairos has extended my Christian family beyond any expectation I had entering prison. Monday Prayer and Share is like a visit from home.” PCI Resident – L.H.

“The last thing I remember getting for my Birthday was a blue Nike Tshirt 10 yrs ago. If it was not for Kairos I wouldn’t of got a birthday card this year.” PCI Resident – J.B.

“Being in a Kairos weekend is like being abducted by a bunch of angels, and taken to the basement of Heaven, and told about whats going on right above our heads.” PCI Resident – J.H.

“Kairos to me is a perfect display of Christ love in a environment where there is such lack of any kind of love. That pure love of Christ is what transforms men lives in prison.” PCI Residnet – C.W.

“Kairos PCI Pasquotank allowed me to fee loved by people coming from outside of prison for the first time in years. Being able to partake of fellowship with these people and having them refer to me as ‘friend’ makes me feel more like a human being for periods of Kairos.” PCI Resident

“Kairos means love, respect and having a family of God which supports other Christians no matter our problems. Having that community lets me know that I’m not alone in Christ no matter how down I may feel, theres light at the end of the tunnel.” PCI Resident – P.S.

“Kairos Prayer & Share has given me the opportunity to witness and share my testimony with others.” PCI Resident – J.M.

“My Kairos exp. Has brought me closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. Also I have learned that God loves and forgives us. All we had to due was learn about this love and ask for His forgiveness. The amazing part was it was there free for the asking, so seek the Lord.” PCI Resident – O.W.H.

“Kairos is my Everything. My Strength and love!” PCI Resident – C.S.

“I had a lot of unforgiveness in my heart, and a lot of hate. I signed up for Kairos, and got picked to do the 4 day weekend. It touched my heart so deeply, that it should me that there are people out there who still care. I am forever changed for the better because of it. I hope & pray that this Kairos program & family continues until the Lord comes back to get us, because, besides my heart being broken out of the sinful CONFINING ICE that it was in, I have also seen some of the most hardened criminals lives being changed. EVEN PEOPLE who DO NOT believe in Jesus Christ, when they go through a Kairos weekend, I know that some come away believing! I wish I could go and on, but I cannot find the right words to do KAIROS JUSTICE.” PCI Resident

“The ministry of Kairos as given me family and love which is equal to any love I have had in this world because it is simply the love of GOD.” PCI Resident – H.T.

“It’s been a eye opener to me in my life. I’ve have been and was the exact example of the Prodigal CHILD. From my relationship with my parents, a marriage that fell do to my own shortcomings, unable to keep gainful employment, to the awful addiction to drugs, to sexual desires of the flesh, to almost my entire life which have been spent being rebellious & running from the Lord. Kairos have been a major turning point in my life, it help me to admit truthfully to myself first and foremost, which allowed me to get on my knees with a sincere, humble repentive heart and ask “God” for his forgiveness. I know now that I’m forgiven by Him, that doors that where closed will once again be open. I can wake up now in contentment even in my present situation. I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for all my life, and that’s peace and contentment in Jesus!!” PCI Resident – R.R. S.

“Kairos Prayer and Share means a lot to me because I get to open up my mine every week and let out all the stuff I have in me plus I like to hear other peoples problem plus I like to talk about Godly things because it makes me fill good inside. Kairos is a good project to have in the prison system for those people who won’t to try to find God or share what they already know about God.” PCI Resident – B.B.

“Kairos prayer and share to means Love. These guys that take time out of their busy lives to come talk with us just shows me a glimse of God’s love. Kairos is just one way that Gods work is done. Coming down here and talking about our problems, our concerns, and our blessings is good because we might be saying or talking about something that another Christian brother is suppose to hear. Or we might hear something that we are suppose to hear. God works in mysterious ways and I thank Him for everything He has done for me. Thank God for Kairos and the volunteers that are involved. THANKS KAIROS.” PCI Resident – R.B.F.

“Kairos, is a uplifting for this prison system, plus a blessing from our God. The love of all brothers of God children coming together and praying his name. I thank & respect what the love, knowledge & wisdom of our Kariros brothers & sisters that come from the outside bring to us that in this struggle of incarceration, because some of us that in the system need all the love they can receive, because they don’t have Family, Friends, are to much time to think about the world are might never make it back out. So we need all the help & love, because I’ll make it back out and I’m bless, but I pray with my Karios family for everybody that feel some kind of pain. (AMEN)” PCI Resident – D.W.B.

“I participated in Kairos in 2007 and all I went for was for the food. Little did I know that I was going to get a different kind of food along with the food that was offered. I left with a full belly and a new outlook on life. I was filled with so much love that when they asked me to give a bag of cookies to someone that I don’t like and tell them I love them, I realized that I didn’t disliked anyone, so I gave the cookies to a bunch of guys in my dorm to split up and I shared the love that was given to me and that’s what I remembered about my first Kairos. Share the love.” PCI Resident – J.B.

“Through Kairos God helpd me come closer to Him. He showed me the beauty and importance of a community of believers in Christ. PCI Resident – E.T.

“Kairos offers the fellowship and love that we can’t always find on the inside. It helps keep the Christian walk within reach.” PCI Resident – J.J.

“Kairos to most is hope from God. People who shows God’s love daily. For this we at P.C.I. or thankful. And may Kairos live forever. God’s love. “ PCI Resident – A.T.A.

“Kairos has helped me feel the love of God through the kindness of others.” PCI Resident – J.T.

“PCI 23. What Kairos did for me. I had something I was dealing with for a long time. I put it in the back of my head because I didn’t want to think about it. I said to myself that I let it go but I really didn’t and when I went to that Kairos weekend it made me see that I was holding on to a lot more than I thought I was. To see the love that was showed and the understand, and for once not being judged by anyone, just them letting you know if you didn’t that Jesus love you and just because your in prison don’t mean that your life is over. And not just the men of God that come but the women who works with them. Kairos is all about God’s time just give Him some of your time! You won’t regret it.” PCI Resident – R.B.

“It thought me how to love and forgive my enemy and Kairos is full of love, peace and if we continue we will make it futhure in life.” PCI Resident – D.C.

“I thought me how to forgive and accept my failures and move forward. To God be the glory.” PCI Resident – D.W.

“Kairos has really touched me in a way that I haven’t had before. Love. I see other in the light and I want to have a part of that. The more I give to the Word, the more aliveness inside I feel. His spirit is truly alive.” PCI Resident – G.S.

“Kairos is a nice experience for any & everyone who want to learn how to care for others in need. It also shows you that people do have unconditional love for us regardless to what some people think about us. Humans are not perfect we all should lend a helping hand to any & everyone we can. We should all love each other not hate or dislike each other. PCI Resident – J. G.E.

“This preyer is for anyone who are among us all . . . . The love of Kyros has helped my grow not only physically but spiritually closer to God, along with the people who are around me. Understanding what part that these men and women and how they play a major role in our lives is unexplainable. Anyone who had dedicated themselves to this program is a true blessing for the less fortunate and those who are trying find Christ and the way of life. God knows we are all truly thankful for any and everything anyone can do to help us out. May “GOD” bless you all !!!” PCI Resident – K.B.

“Kairos has truly changed my life. It has taught me the true meaning of brotherhood and what it really means to walk in Godly character in a tuff environment such as prison. In a place where a man’s environment is stronger than his will, Kairos becomes a safe haven for a Christian trying to live right in place like this. When I don’t feel love in the lock I sure feel it here.” PCI Resident – J.M.

“Kairos always inspires me to forget the things in the past, and to reach forth to the things in the future.” PCI Resident

“From me being in hear from time to time and comming to church and getting the Word it makes me feel good because to here the word it changes things just like prayer does. And we as a family if we could all everyday just get on our nees and pray and ask God for forgiveness I think this world would be better. What ever you do think positive and never come to prison talk to your kids and them the rite way to go and show them the rite way. Just remember prayer does changes things and you can twitter that. Love God and He will give you the victory and the Holy Spirit that you need but you as only you have to believe in Him and it shall be done. Love the Lord and he will love you for eternal life.” PCI Resident

“This program has assisted me with discovering the diversity that surrounds me. Upon observation I see a plethora of ethnicities and cultures gravitating toward a single, common religion – Christianity. My personal studies have enlightened me on the numerous religions or “ways of life” of this world. From Christianity to Islam to Buddhism to Hinduism and even Taoism, I realize different religions attract different cultures. I believe within every religious manual lies some truth we can relate to. In its simplest form, truth is what we all search for. Peace.” PCI Resident – A.T.Z.

“Kairos has given me the chance to enlighten individuals that I have never met before & it feels good to up lift someone with a non or similar struggle as I. It’s about spreading & sharing the peace from within you to help you & others grow into better individuals.” PCI Resident – M.M.R.B.

“The greatest is love. I’m love by people who @ the time before Kairos did not know me. Extended family.” PCI Resident – J.H.

“Kairos has really manifested the love of God through those involved in this ministry. Praise be to the Lord.” PCI Resident

“Kairos has given me the opportunity to know Christ better.” PCI Resident

“It’s my 1st time here. It was real nice to see men together in prison not mad at each other. Wanting to share the love of God and the people of His Kingdom.” PCI Resident

“This is my first time attending Kairos since coming here my last trip to Pasquotank in 2006. I’ve not to long come back this year. I really come tonight to get a renewed mind and spirit. I haven’t been living a life as spiritually sanctified Christian. I’m far from it. However, things have been very disheartening and I’ve been battling with my lower self b/c of the way things have been not for just myself but family. It’s hard knowing I can’t do a thing. I do believe that things will get better through faith. I ask that you all continue to be ambassadors and servants and keep our families in thought and prayer.” PCI Resident

“My longevity testimony! It has in still is a struggle within my new life. I thank God & my Lord Jesus Christ for the strength and love & all the wonderful blessings he bestows upon me every day. Thank you God for not giving up on me! If God for you then who can be against you!” PCI Resident

“Well I don’t have much to say but Kairos has taught me to forgive people.” PCI Resident – C.T.

“Kairos fellowship has really strengthen me spiritually. The men & women of Kairos mean a whole lot to those of us who don’t have any communication with a Christian fellowship.” PCI Resident – M.G.

“Kairos is a strengthening tool for all who accepts, needs, wants and strives for a relationship with God.” PCI Resident – D.W.

“I have gained a lot of knowledge about God that I didn’t know but need from Kairos. I’m thankful for everyone who shares the time.” PCI Resident – Q.H.

“Kairos has had me to be a better person and to be in my Bible more so Kairos is a good thing for me.” PCI Residnet – R.M.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with our Kairos volunteers. It’s truly a rewarding experience sharing in the works of God with His fearless servants. God Bless you. In Chritian love, your friend.” PCI Resident